All-In-One Trucking Software for One Low Price

All features are included in one total package deal designed to solve all of the office challenges that you face in the trucking industry.

IFTA Trucking Software

Tracks everything you need for IFTA. Miles by state and fuel gallons by state. Miles are calculated automatically using PC*Miler.


  • Easy dispatch entry screens
  • All miles calculated automatically by PC*Miler (with Add On)
  • Miles are recorded and sorted by state automatically (with Add On)
  • Easy fuel entry screens
  • Fuel gallons sorted and reported by state automatically
  • IFTA report with mileage and gallons by state totalled automatically – NO MATH
  • Easily update, edit, and manage all IFTA records


  • Increase accuracy of IFTA reports – don’t over pay
  • Saves valuable time
  • Eliminate worrying about an IFTA audit
  • Prevent most audits
  • If you do have an audit it will go much quicker and easier with accurate records
  • Enjoy the confidence that comes from having your IFTA records under control

Dispatch Trucking Software

Tracks everything related to a dispatch – who ordered it, who drove it, and offers you a wide variety of options for fees.


  • Easy to use dispatch trip entry
  • Quick entry from dynamic address book for customers, shippers, and consignees
  • Enter multiple shippers and consignees
  • Track all miles including deadhead miles automatically with PC Miler (with Add On)
  • Driver pay options
  • Pay per mile
  • Pay by percent
  • Manually enter pay
  • Flexible options for customer fees and FSC
  • Flat fee / Per mile fee / Percent fee/ Per weight fee
  • Sort dispatches by date, driver, truck, or by customer with one click
  • Dynamic search window allows you to search dispatch history from any category
  • Cloning dispatches allows quick entry of duplicate loads
  • Enter historical data
  • Schedule future loads for accurate dispatching


  • Quickly access customer records and lane history
  • Create accurate company revenue records
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Invoice Trucking Software

Once you have accurate dispatches, you can track invoices. Keep tabs on invoices that are coming due. It also alerts you if they are overdue. Getting your invoices paid in full and on time means you and your drivers get paid. Having all the tracking in one place makes it easy to follow up. You’ll also be able to see who your best customers are.


  • Quick easy to use invoice generation
  • Seamless navigation between dispatches and invoices for quick editing
  • Personalized invoices with your company name on it
  • PDF invoices that can be saved, printed, or emailed
  • Alerts for invoices past 30 days unpaid
  • Easily track all unpaid invoices
  • Search invoice to find specific invoice or sort by customer


  • Creating professional invoices helps you create a professional image
  • Invoice faster – get paid faster
  • Tracking your invoices helps you identify any problems quicker so you can get them resolved quicker
  • Improve accuracy – linked directly to dispatches
  • Easily identify any dispatches that are not invoiced
  • Identify who your best customers are – who pays the quickest

Driver Trucking Software

Get a report of what loads a driver drove. This makes cutting a paycheck that much easier. You can even give them a print out of the report with his pay stub. They can easily verify that they’re paid in full. No more arguing about who drove which load.


  • Create and maintain complete driver information
  • Several options for driver pay
  • Pay per mile
  • Pay by percent
  • Manual pay entry
  • Alerts when CDL and medical card expire
  • Sort loads by driver to evaluate individual driver performance
  • Create driver settlement reports


  • Simplifies driver pay process
  • Never forget when something is expiring (driver’s license or medical card)
  • Improve accuracy of driver pay-roll
  • Organize and improve DOT compliance

Maintenance Trucking Software


  • Easy maintenance log entry screens
  • Create a log of all maintenance records
  • Sort records by date, truck, cost, or vendor
  • Search maintenance records for any specific repair
  • Create a preventative maintenance plan
  • Get alerts when preventative maintenance is due


  • Planning your maintenance is cheaper than roadside repairs
  • Instantly find previous repairs to check on warranties and other critical data
  • Increase DOT compliance (reduce fines & make audits easier)

Truck Tracking Software

Keep track of all your truck records for taxes and for maintenance.  Never loose track of when something is expiring.


  • Organize all your truck information
  • Sort all loads by truck number
  • Alerts when plates and inspections will expire


  • Learn which trucks are the most profitable
  • Organize and improve DOT compliance
  • Never forget when something is expiring

Expense Trucking Software

For the most complete picture of how your company is doing, you need to see where all the money goes.
Expenses show you when and where you are buying products and services for your business.


  • Quick easy expense creation
  • Create your own customized expense categories
  • Sort and track expenses by date and by category
  • Generate expense reports showing totals for each category
  • Search expense history to quickly locate a specific expense


  • Take control of expenses – get control of profits
  • Identify spending tendencies for better management